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I love the running reflections (of course). I also came late to the running party with a new years resolution after I turned 30, and I named my first Strava run "eat bitterness". Then I quickly got hooked.

The heart rate training is spot on! My partner did a half Ironman with an exclusively heart rate based approach, much of it at low heart rate intensity. I don't track my own but I think after running a lot I am unconsciously doing the same heart rate modulation.

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I'm astounded by how beneficial this post might be for me.

Years ago, I followed the Couch-to-5K program and progressed from comfortably running a couple of blocks to running seven miles in, I believe, about six months. However, I then began to experience plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which has been a persistent issue in all my subsequent attempts to run. I've been planning to reintegrate cardio into my weightlifting regimen for some time, and I just got an Apple Watch a month ago. So, this is perfectly timed. I will experiment with low heart rate running.

Additionally, I've long desired an undo function on my iPhone for as long as I can remember (though, apparently, not enough to search for it). Thank you for writing this!

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I'm glad you found my post helpful!

That's impressive progress in your Couch-to-5K program! I hope you'll be able to find a way to run again.

I've also struggled with a lot of injuries over the years that have kept me from being able to work out, so sorry you're in the same boat. My girlfriend has plantar fasciitis, so I've definitely seen how disabling it can be. Not a doctor, but a few things that worked for her. I'd love to hear what's helped you!

1. Surprisingly, toe spreading socks have made a huge difference for her Hers are from my-happyfeet.com

2. Barefoot shoes (e.g. Vivobarefoot, Xero)

3. A cheap massage gun we bought on Amazon. (Like the Theragun but 1/6 the price.)

Thanks for reading!

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Have you experienced runner's high yet? It comes in various different versions, in my experience, but that feeling has also helped keep me coming back over the decades.

Regarding the chaos that is the US, I think our greatest weakness is also one of our greatest strengths. Basically no other country can match the creativity, room for exploration, and a particular flavor of ambition that's hard to define that you can find in the US. I share the feeling of dismay when I look at some of our dumb problems, which seem like they would be so easy to solve with a different set of cultural norms. Ultimately, I'm hopeful that we'll figure a few of those out over time while also benefiting from the very good parts.

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